Scopesuite is now Conveya

Today we’re changing Scopesuite’s name to Conveya.


Today we’re changing Scopesuite’s name to Conveya.

Why now, and why Conveya?

After 3 years of seeing our tools play a small but important part in making career management easier to plan and predict, we decided it was time to choose a name that better represented the benefits our technology offers.

Just as a conveyor is a system designed to speed up repeated processes and introduce efficiencies, the Conveya platform is designed to enhance the employee experience of entering, learning and growing in your organisation — at scale.

For us, and hopefully you, Conveya means two things: the dynamic but controlled process of moving people from A to B — the start of their time in your organisation to the end; and the communication of grad, apprentice and employee progress using dashboards and surveys for more informed and more timely decision-making.

Today, our products — Record, Report, Respond, Rotate, and our Momentum108 wellbeing survey tool — exist alongside each other as separate applications. In 2022, we’ll be releasing *Conveya* as the next generation of career management technology, a new and fully-integrated platform that will allow you to seamlessly handle on-the-job competency development, rotation planning, participant feedback and more from one place.

The good news is this brand name change won’t affect how your users access the current Scopesuite products and we aren’t changing our formal company name or the bank accounts we operate. In time, you will see the Conveya logo replace ‘Scopesuite’ in the applications your company uses.

From today onwards our online properties (website and social media) will be proudly communicating our new brand. Anyone who visits will be redirected to, and all of our social media accounts will reflect the new brand name. Staff will adopt email addresses, but should you or your team email a email address it will be automatically forwarded to the new address.

We’re really excited by the chance to share the Conveya story with the world, and look forward to continuing the Conveya journey with you in the years to come.

All the best,

Nathan Gralton

Founder & CEO