Moving employees to build experience

Plan, schedule and execute movements throughout your organisation with ease.

A timeline showing upcoming movements / job rotations for learners with another interface showing the scheduling of a new movement for a learner.

Seamless planning & implementation of job rotations

Simplify early career job rotations with Conveya.

Plan, automate, and execute movements with ease — benefiting your organisation through increased exposure and skill development for your talent.

Exposure equals experience

Elevate talent growth. Diverse experiences, progress tracking, and better skill development not only nurture your workforce but also boost employee retention for a stronger, loyal team.

An interface showing multiple learners previous roles, current role and planned role movements.
Guide to rotation management booklet.

Get your free guide on implementing rotations

Created by Conveya alumni Kelly Pfeffer (now Graduate Talent Lead at Suncorp) — expert in early careers and current Director of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers, this guide takes you through how to manage successful job rotational programmes.

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Seamless learner movement throughout the business

Build the employee journey with a click

Conveya automates and streamlines every step of creating an employees journey, from scheduling movements to sending out comms and feedback.

Centralise workforce mobility effortlessly.

Track movements without friction

No more trawling through spreadsheets to see where your employees are or how they're performing — Conveya gives you a wealth of information at your fingertips that's clear and easily understandable.

Conveya takes the complexity out of managing workforce movements.

An L&D Manager surrounded by interfaces that show clearly the movements a learner is on and the ability to schedule movements easily.

Well rounded talent

Enhance the skills and knowledge of your employees by exposing them to different aspects of your business. Conveya tracks your employees as they move around the business, providing you with an overview of their skills and capabilities.

Satisfied employees stay

Provide your employees with the opportunity to discover positions that align with their skills, interests and values — by placing employees where they thrive, you create a satisfied workforce that contributes to higher engagement and retention.

A learner showing their current movement and future movement surrounded by the skills they are learning through their job rotations.

Loyal, skilled emloyees

By orchestrating movements throughout your business to grow and hone your employees skillset, you'll be creating a diverse, dynamic workplace that is exciting to be a part of — fostering committed, loyal employees.

Future-proof talent pools

A readily available and skilled workforce can enable organisations to meet specific needs in ever-changing industries.

Fill vacancies rapidly, adapt to changing needs & reduce recruitment spend by having qualified candidates already in the business.

A group of learners with an interface overlaying that shows an employees role history.

Here's what our clients are saying about Conveya

"The system captures feedback from Learners, Line Managers and Training Providers on a regular basis, and displays the data on interactive dashboards that are tailored to our specific needs in L&D. This gives us great insight into our learner's experience throughout their development journey."

“I’ve been really impressed with the flexibility of the Conveya platform. Being able to tailor the information enables me to better understand the experience of Apprentices at Lookers. The platform saves valuable time completing administration tasks and feedback from our training providers has also been great!”

Lookers logo for client testimonial quote

“Conveya transformed the way we can report to our stakeholders and apprentices on their off-the-job learning. It’s really eased the administrative burden placed on our team by automating our reporting processes.”

KPMG Logo for a testimonial quote.

"Conveya (formerly Scopesuite) has really eased the administrative burden on my team allowing them to function more effectively on supporting our apprentices and stakeholders... I highly recommend this product to anyone in early careers with large or complex populations to manage - it will ease the burden from day 1."

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Features that make movements easy

Structured to your organisation

Build the foundations of your rotations in the same mould of your organisation.

These can be organised by department, locations, sites and more

Dive deeper into your employee's skills

Comprehensive employee profiles show you the skills and knowledge that they've acquired through the movements undertaken.

Understand the expertise your employees have developed through diverse roles & responsibilities.

Communicate rotations effectively

Communication templates are available that allow you to inform employees of scheduled movements or information with ease.

Create insightful feedback loops

Set feedbacks to run automatically throughout (and after) movements to gather insights for continuous improvement of your programmes.

All-in-one movement scheduling

Create multiple rotation programmes by scheduling all movements, communications and feedback on one platform.

Say goodbye to the burden of spreadsheets and manual tasks!

Oversee progress

Have complete visibility over employee progress throughout their workplace movements.

Get a timeline view of who's where, where they're going next and what they've done.