Tracking external training progress

Your training provider progress reports, standardised and shown in easy-to-read dashboards in the cloud.

All training providers report in and Conveya correlates the reports into one — which is then display on clear, easy to understand dashboards so there is no discrepancies in the data.

All-in-one training provider reporting

If you work with multiple external training providers, reporting can be time-sapping and inconsistent. This increases the risk of important data, updates and progress reports being lost or missed. Our training provider solution negates this risk and improves reporting efficiency.

Improve retention & completion rates

Have a 360 view of the learner progress and experience. External reports are gathered while pulse check feedback captures the experience of learners and line manager reviews. 

Identify issues early, before they become retention problems. 


Streamline reporting and reap the rewards

Make errors, discrepancies & delays a thing of the past

Dealing with multiple training providers can be a bit difficult - we get it. That's why Conveya unites the clans to provide you with the smoothest reporting experience.

All your different training providers report in, and we present it to you in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Standardising the format of your data means there's less discrepancies in interpreting the data - so you can focus on actions - and not on staring at spreadsheets.

Automate and improve programme efficiency

Conveya gives you reminders that allow you to stay in the know of how your employees are progressing and performing within their programmes. Get notified in an instant who is meeting, excelling or slipping behind their requirements and be able to provide the appropriate support.

Save time trawling through various formats of spreadsheet to discover this data - Conveya shows you it all at a glance!

Clearer reporting communication

For most businesses the Supervisors and Line Managers are the first port of call for providing employee support.

Our innovative Supervisor portal allows supervisors to view the reporting data and needs of the learners under their management. 

Providers can alert supervisors of who needs employer support without the requests having to be filtered down by programme managers. 

Recognition brings retention

With hundreds and sometimes thousands of learners being tracked on spreadsheets, problems and needs for support can go unnoticed. 

Conveya highlights and draws out who most needs support before problems become unmanageable. Help can be given so learners have the best possible chance of completing their studies.

For those excelling, high performers are flagged, noticed and praised. 

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Case Study

Case Study: Royal Mail

Learn how the UK's Royal Mail uses Conveya to streamline and standardise external training provider updates for more effective learner management and clear results.

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Access efficient learner management with Conveya

Stay in the know

One source of truth for all provider reports allows you to quickly evaluate employee and training provider performance.

Improve Consistency

Provide your training providers with an easier way of reporting data, updates and progress reports. We automate reminders and support your providers throughout the process.

Get the data that matters

Training providers will have the ability to report in real-time on attendance, performance and behaviour.

Full control

You can invite internal or external training partners to report directly into Conveya. You have full control over who has access to report into the platform.

Simplify reporting

Training Partners can provide you with a direct export of their training report by uploading it to our file drop feature. This will update your dashboards in real time.

Remove ambiguity

Dual dashboards provide you and your training providers with matching views so there can be no confusion around what the data says.

Here's what our clients are saying about Conveya

“At KONE, we continually strive to improve our internal processes. So, following the successful implementation of the Apprentice programme project, Conveya became invaluable to KONE and are now one of our preferred suppliers wherever we may have a need for technological solutions.”

KONE Lifts & Escalators testimonial client quote

“When we moved to Conveya, we were desperate to find something that was easy to use, intuitive, and had great customer support. All our tracking was manual and in Excel with multiple users having access. Conveya provided everything we’ve needed and has worked with us on the things we wanted to change, making all our tracking easier, more controlled, and accurate.”

“I’ve been really impressed with the flexibility of the Conveya platform. Being able to tailor the information enables me to better understand the experience of Apprentices at Lookers. The platform saves valuable time completing administration tasks and feedback from our training providers has also been great!”

Lookers logo for client testimonial quote

“Conveya transformed the way we can report to our stakeholders and apprentices on their off-the-job learning. It’s really eased the administrative burden placed on our team by automating our reporting processes.”

KPMG Logo for a testimonial quote.

"Conveya has really eased the administrative burden on my team allowing them to function more effectively on supporting our apprentices and stakeholders... I highly recommend this product to anyone in early careers with large or complex populations to manage - it will ease the burden from day 1."

Royal Mail logo for a testimonial quote.