Understanding the employee experience

Evaluate, pulse check and analyse employee experience.

A chart displaying feedback scores from learners, supervisors and managers that depict an accurate representation of the employee experience.A chart showing the average feedback score per stakeholder within a programme.

Recognition brings retention

With recruitment costs spiralling out of control, the importance of keeping employees in the business has never been more valuable.

If you want to keep people in your business then you need to make sure they are happy doing what they do. Conveya allows you to check in on that experience and to highlight any issues early, so you can respond quickly.

Use feedback to shape the employee experience

Gathering data on employee experience is valuable when it comes to improving the offering of your early career programs. Data allows you to target areas for improvement and ultimately provide a well rounded learner experience.

A list of a learners feedbacks past and present.A specific learners feedback experience score.

Empower employees, make learning better and increase retention

Get data that gives direction

Gain a clear understanding of where resources should be applied.

Whether it’s supporting an individual employee with their requirements, identifying a provider that isn’t delivering learning at an adequate correct standard or tweaking learning programmes to fill skill gaps - you’ll be pointed in the right direction with Conveya.

Ultimately, knowing what requires attention most means less time spent on guesswork, better allocation of resources or spend and most importantly - happier employees!

Have their voices heard

Your employees' opinion matters and the ability to rate and feedback to employers means that it's the employees who are shaping the culture of the business.

If you don't ask, you wont know

Employees may speak up when they have a problem... It's just as important to find out what works WELL in your organisation.

Take that feedback and use it to enhance the experience of employees in all parts of the business.

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Case Study

Case Study: UTS

Read about how the University of Technology Sydney is using Conveya to collect feedback from interns on placements so they're able to understand the learner experience and ensure their learners are embarking on quality placements.

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Here's what our clients are saying about Conveya

"The system captures feedback from Learners, Line Managers and Training Providers on a regular basis, and displays the data on interactive dashboards that are tailored to our specific needs in L&D. This gives us great insight into our learner's experience throughout their development journey."

“I’ve been really impressed with the flexibility of the Conveya platform. Being able to tailor the information enables me to better understand the experience of Apprentices at Lookers. The platform saves valuable time completing administration tasks and feedback from our training providers has also been great!”

Lookers logo for client testimonial quote

“Conveya transformed the way we can report to our stakeholders and apprentices on their off-the-job learning. It’s really eased the administrative burden placed on our team by automating our reporting processes.”

KPMG Logo for a testimonial quote.

"Conveya (formerly Scopesuite) has really eased the administrative burden on my team allowing them to function more effectively on supporting our apprentices and stakeholders... I highly recommend this product to anyone in early careers with large or complex populations to manage - it will ease the burden from day 1."

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Get to understand
the employee experience

Evaluate every aspect

Get to know everything about your programme from the people on them - all the way to the people delivering them.

Evaluate experience, survey employee needs gather feedback from line managers or supervisors and measure programme success.

Highlight issues and needs

Go from data to doing easily. Conveya presents your data in a super easy-to-read format that highlights issues clearly and allows them be resolved quickly.

Focus attention

Conveya provides managers with valuable data that Use data to establish where time and attention needs to go.

Question bank

Survey your employees in a flash using our question bank. Questions are categorised by learner type and segmented into categories such as support, teamwork, motivation, experience and performance.

It's possible you'll find out more about the experience than you thought with our templates!

Be broad or concise

The date, time & frequency of the feedback forms can be programmed by you so it's possible to analyse certain parts of your programmes, or the programmes as a whole.

Analyse and set clear goals

You can view the results of feedback surveys through interactive dashboards.

Dashboards can be easily exported and shared within the business.