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Conveya automates & simplifies career planning & management (starting with early careers) so you can manage careers – not chaos.

HR & L&D leaders in the world's most successful businesses use Conveya every day to reduce talent churn and improve career outcomes.

It's how careers are made.

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Career management software built for busy

See external training progress in one place

Available now

If your organisation uses external training providers, you'll appreciate the frustration of trying to see how everyone is progressing without contacting the training providers or merging reports.

Our training progress portal allows you to see learner progress in one place. Every month, training providers automatically update the system to let you know which of your staff are meeting expectations, slipping behind or excelling.

All without you needing to lift a finger.

The best part is there's no operational friction and your organisation can be live in days.

Dashboard showing the performance of multiple training providers. Provider alerts highlight high and low performing learners, learners suspended and absences.Dashboard summarising the status of learners on an apprenticeship, graduate scheme or internship. A chart displays the active learners, leavers and learners pending enrolment

Capture on-the-job learning without paper or spreadsheets

Coming March 2022

Plan and assign the competencies you need your learners to develop on-the-job across all of your departments. Then, keep track of their progress and reward achievement as they digitally complete their training log from any smartphone, tablet or 'normal' computer.

Dashboard showing the overall learner progress and the task progress through the use of chartsA dashboard showing the list of learners in an organisation alongside a progress bar showing learner progress

Keep it human

The impact of wellness in the workplace can't be underestimated. Especially when learners are under the stress of a set and timed learning curriculum. Use Conveya's inbuilt wellness surveys to understand how your workforce is coping.

A survey dashboard showing the various wellbeing scores within the quarters of the year. Profiles shown with coloured rings around them which states an employees wellbeing scores, presented as either a red, amber or green colour.

Plan where your learners go next

Coming 2022

Rotation planning can be frustatingly messy. Not with Conveya; simply allocate the order your Learners need to progress through the business and hit 'Go'. If you need to change on the fly, it's as easy as hitting 'Edit' and reassigning a Learner.

Dashboard showing a list of upcoming job rotations alongside the date the rotation startsA dashboard displaying all upcoming events within a rotation. Communication, welcome messages, rotation start dates and invitations can all be viewed.

Read the room — from outside the room.

Coming 2022

Combine data with insight to get a balanced view of how your learners are tracking with Conveya's integrated feedback surveys.

A dashboard showing learner profile next to their experience show. A measurement of how employees are finding their job roles, tasks or learning.A dashboard displaying the average experience score across all learners in a department, organisation and team. Experience score is also measured for supervisors.

Use Conveya to make career management hum in your business

Learning Objectives Icon

Set learning objectives

Outline your on-the-job and core company competencies, assign learners, & make sure they understand what's expected, when.

Track learning progress icon

Track learning progress

Your learners can submit their own progress logs against their objectives via a secure online portal or Apple & Android mobile apps. No forms or data wrangling!

See learning performance icon

See learning performance

Visualise learner progress using Conveya's in-built dashboard, developed in collaboration with leading HR professionals.

Reward learning outcomes badge

Reward learning outcomes

When your learners achieve their assigned objectives, celebrate their efforts with badges.

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A solution that spans industries


Words from our clients

“At KONE, we continually strive to improve our internal processes. So, following the successful implementation of the Apprentice programme project, Conveya became invaluable to KONE and are now one of our preferred suppliers wherever we may have a need for technological solutions.”

KONE Lifts & Escalators testimonial client quote

“Conveya has enabled us to effectively manage our training provides as well as track the progress of our apprentices. Access to feedback from our apprentices on a monthly basis is bringing to light key information about being an apprentice in Fujitsu, which allows us to take positive steps to continually improve.”

Fujitsu client testimonial quote

“I’ve been really impressed with the flexibility of the Conveya platform. Being able to tailor the information enables me to better understand the experience of Apprentices at Lookers. The platform saves valuable time completing administration tasks and feedback from our training providers has also been great!”

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