Simplify the entire employee journey, from early careers to leadership

Conveya helps employers across the globe capture external training progress, analyse employee experiences, streamline rotations, and modernise skill application all on one platform.

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Trusted to enhance careers by some of the worlds top early-career employers

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We're built to navigate the unique challenges of managing a developing workforce

Since 2017, Conveya leads the charge in transforming career management for the better.

With a proud legacy of serving top-tier global employers like KPMG, Amazon, Pearson, Co-op, and Royal Mail, we've enabled countless organisations to redefine the way they manage their people and programmes.

Our focus is on reshaping career development through streamlining and automating the employee journey from the start, to the finish.

Join other exceptional employers in the journey, where technology innovation meets career management.

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Here's how Conveya can simplify your career management

See external training progress in one place

Gain a comprehensive view of your early careers learners' progress effortlessly. Conveya automatically collects and consolidates training reports from your various providers and presents it to you in a clear, unified dashboard.

Easily track learner performance, programme advancement, and training provider effectiveness without the hassle of contacting providers or merging reports.

Stay updated monthly on your learners' progress without lifting a finger.

All training providers report in and Conveya correlates the reports into one — which is then display on clear, easy to understand dashboards so there is no discrepancies in the data.

Read the room — from outside the room.

Conveya's integrated surveys go beyond data, merging insights to offer a comprehensive view of your learners.

Understand their experiences, fine-tune programmes and cultivate an environment where your learners thrive.

Recognise issues early, and ensure a fulfilling journey for both learners and supervisors.

Feedback measurement tool that shows the various feedback scores from stakeholders such as a learner, supervisor and manager.

Capture on-the-job learning without paper or spreadsheets

Effortlessly create, assign and monitor competencies for on-the-job development across departments. Enable learners to digitally submit evidence and record their progress from any device.

Easily track their growth, reward accomplishments, and streamline training logs.

Transform the way you capture on-the-job learning, ensuring a seamless journey towards learning skills, anytime, anywhere.

An interface that allows managers to create learning competencies within digital logbooks and add cohorts of learners to.

Plan where your learners go next

Streamline employee rotations with Conveya, strategically plan movements for employees to diversify their exposure within the business, enhancing their skill sets and experience.

Automate rotations by scheduling movements and attaching pre-set communications and feedback loops.

This automation streamlines the entire process, ensuring timely and efficient transitions. Gain the ability to monitor and fine-tune these rotations, facilitating a seamless experience for employees and enabling robust professional development.

A timeline showing job rotations and a couple of learners with their current role and their upcoming role that is scheduled.
Why Conveya?

Conveya makes it easier for you to bring the best out of your learners

Facilitate scalability of programmes

Conveya facilitates early career programme scalability, effortlessly handling expanding cohorts. By simplifying data management and removing spreadsheet reliance, it enables seamless programme scaling while prioritising talent development.

Any size of team can manage any size of programme with ease.

Improve completion & retention rates

Enhanced visibility over programmes using Conveya allows managers to see improvements in learner completion and retention rates. Data-driven insights help identify and address obstacles, fostering engaged, retained learners.

Through increased visibility, ensure higher completion and retention rates, significantly enhancing the overall learning experience.

Allocate resources smarter

Conveya enables intelligent resources usage for early careers managers by guiding them to allocate their limited resources strategically, ensuring efficient management of emerging talent through clear, actionable data presentation.

Take the guesswork out of allocating resources for efficient decision-making.

Streamline career management and eliminate admin

Streamlining & automating processes not only allows effective management of early careers but also eliminates the reliance on spreadsheets, significantly reducing administrative burdens.

Save time and resources, focus on talent development rather than managing complex spreadsheets.


Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about Conveya

“When we moved to Conveya, we were desperate to find something that was easy to use, intuitive, and had great customer support. All our tracking was manual and in Excel with multiple users having access. Conveya provided everything we’ve needed and has worked with us on the things we wanted to change, making all our tracking easier, more controlled, and accurate.”

“We have over 200 apprentices at Greencore and have worked with Conveya for a few years. The platform is a great way for us to receive updates and manage our apprentices as we are a national and multi-site business that use a range of providers. We have regular meetings with the team at Conveya to make sure the platform works for us and they are great at helping us utilise the platform to it's full potential”

“At KONE, we continually strive to improve our internal processes. So, following the successful implementation of the Apprentice programme project, Conveya became invaluable to KONE and are now one of our preferred suppliers wherever we may have a need for technological solutions.”

KONE Lifts & Escalators testimonial client quote

“I’ve been really impressed with the flexibility of the Conveya platform. Being able to tailor the information enables me to better understand the experience of Apprentices at Lookers. The platform saves valuable time completing administration tasks and feedback from our training providers has also been great!”

Lookers logo for client testimonial quote

“Conveya transformed the way we can report to our stakeholders and apprentices on their off-the-job learning. It’s really eased the administrative burden placed on our team by automating our reporting processes.”

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"Conveya (formerly Scopesuite) has really eased the administrative burden on my team allowing them to function more effectively on supporting our apprentices and stakeholders... I highly recommend this product to anyone in early careers with large or complex populations to manage - it will ease the burden from day 1."

Royal Mail logo for a testimonial quote.

“As an Apprenticeship Team we needed to find a system that could support us in managing our function more effectively. It was key for us to move away from excel spreadsheets as we continued to grow our numbers.It allows us as a team to manage our apprentices so much more effectively, it has saved us time combing multiple data sources into one as we use to do.”

"At Co-op we have approximately 750 apprentices with over 25 different training providers. We were receiving monthly reports in all different formats, on different dates, and needed to consolidate reports every month. This was time consuming, costly, and had the potential for manual errors. We met with Conveya and realised that their product would work well for us, and it does."