How Culina Group Streamlined Apprenticeship Reporting

Culina Group needed to streamline reporting and get better data on their learners


Culina Group, a leading player in the logistics sector, boasts a workforce of over 22,000 employees, including hundreds of apprentices spread across the UK.

The company faced a significant challenge in tracking the progress of its apprentices, a process largely reliant on cumbersome spreadsheets. Complicating matters, Culina received spreadsheets in various formats from multiple training providers.

In a bid to streamline reporting efficiency and gain deeper insights into learner data, Culina Group sought the expertise of Conveya.

Challenges Faced by Culina Group:

Culina's apprenticeship management system was bogged down by the manual handling of spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies. The diverse formats from different training providers created a reporting nightmare, making it difficult for Culina to obtain a comprehensive overview of their apprenticeship programmes.

Culina Group were receiving multiple spreadsheets in multiple different formats

Selection of Conveya:

Recognising the need for a more robust and streamlined approach to apprenticeship management, Culina Group decided to partner with Conveya. 

Implementation of Conveya:

Conveya worked closely with Culina to identify key functionalities that would bring maximum value to the organisation. Conveya communicated with Culina's various training providers which was crucial to ensure a smooth transition to Conveya's reporting system.

Results of Conveya Implementation:

The adoption of Conveya's career management solution marked a turning point for Culina Group. The company experienced a significant improvement in its reporting capabilities, with a notable reduction in administrative efforts. The system streamlined the reporting process and provided Culina with a holistic view of apprenticeship data.

Benefits Realised:

Conveya brought a range of benefits. One of the most prominent advantages was the simplification of data interpretation. Culina's leadership could now instantly identify areas where their apprenticeship programmes could be enhanced, pinpoint learners who were struggling with requirements, and recognise those who were excelling.

Culina can see the status of their learners in an instant

The user-friendly interface of Conveya made it easier for Culina's team to navigate and extract valuable insights from the system. This enhanced visibility empowered Culina to make informed decisions regarding their apprenticeship programmes, leading to continuous improvements and a more efficient learning environment for apprentices.

Future Outlook:

With Conveya's career management solution successfully integrated into Culina Group's operations, the company is poised for continued success in its apprenticeship programmes. The newfound efficiency and insights gained from Conveya's platform have positioned Culina as a leader in harnessing technology to enhance workforce development.

Training Providers report in to Conveya every month for Culina


The collaboration between Culina Group and Conveya exemplifies the positive impact that innovative career management solutions can have on large-scale apprenticeship programmes. By overcoming the challenges of manual spreadsheet tracking and diverse reporting formats, Culina has not only streamlined its reporting processes but has also gained valuable insights to enhance the overall effectiveness of its apprenticeship initiatives. 

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"We have been very impressed with the impact Conveya has had on our apprenticeship programmes. Before implementing Conveya, we faced significant challenges in tracking the progress of our apprentices, with a complex web of spreadsheets from various training providers.

Conveya's team worked closely with us to understand our unique requirements, and the implementation process was seamless. The system streamlined our reporting processes and provided us with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to interpret apprenticeship data effectively.

We witnessed a significant reduction in administrative efforts and gained the ability to instantly identify areas for improvement, recognise high-performing individuals, and support those who needed additional assistance.

We highly recommend Conveya to any organisation looking to revolutionise their apprenticeship management processes. The positive impact on efficiency and the insightful data provided have made a remarkable difference."

- Group Early Talent Manager, Culina Group.