How UTS are improving the internship experience

UTS worked with Conveya to understand the internship experience for their students.

The Background

The University of Technology Sydney is one of Australia’s leading and most innovative Education Providers.

Their objective is to inspire, teach and support learners to help them achieve their goals and ambitions.

Since 2019, Conveya has been working with the Accountancy Faculty to support the experience of students who go on internships at a range of blue-chip host employers.


The Challenge

As part of a degree qualification students are required to participate in a 6 month internship programme.

Employers benefit from showcasing their place of work to future graduates.

Students benefit from gaining experience and a deep understand of what their future careers may be like.

For the University and Michelle Cook - Director Bachelor of Accounting Program, it is critical that the experience of her students and host employers is positive for all parties.

Conveya looked to provide clarity over that experience in a simple and efficient manner.


Top performers can be easily noted and praised.

The Solution

Conveya have implemented their Respond tool to pulse check the experience of students while they are at the host employers.

Supervisors feedback on the performance, attitude, and potential of students.

Students paint a picture of the workplace culture, supervisor support and their overall experience.

The data is presented on tailored dashboards for Michelle and UTS to evaluate.


The Result

- Students who need support can be immediately identified.

- Host employers can feedback directly to the university from ground level.

- Top performers can be noted and praised.

- Michelle can relay both positive and negative feedback to host employers ensuring continuous improvement of the internship programs.

"The Conveya platform has allowed me to track students through a lengthy 6 month internship and provide meaningful feedback to my industry partners and students. As the internship coordinator  the system helps with transparency and accountability in the reporting process  providing data on which to report on in real time at any time during the lengthy full time internship. The identification of both students potentially at risk and those doing well has added to the student internship experience. The excellent support from the Conveya team has made using the feedback platform seamless." - Michelle Cook, Director Bachelor of Accounting Program at UTS