Your quick guide to National Apprenticeship Week 2024

Everything you need to know about this years apprenticeship celebrations.

National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is just around the corner! As we gear up for this exciting event, we've crafted a detailed overview of the week, outlining themes, activities, events, and how you can actively join the online and sometimes in-person conversation.

National Apprenticeship Week plays a crucial role in advocating for apprenticeships nationwide, fostering skill development, and building a future-ready workforce.

The Overarching Theme for NAW2024: Skills for Life

The central theme is "Skills for Life," urging everyone to contemplate how apprenticeships contribute to individual skill development for fulfilling careers and enable employers to build a resilient workforce. The Department for Education is supporting this theme through its refreshed ‘Skills for Life’ campaign, inspiring employers, adults, and young people to recognize the potential of acquiring new skills.

Daily Themes for NAW2024:

These are the themes for each day of National Apprenticeship Week, we’ve included a handy bullet-point list of how you can get involved with some questions you can ask yourself to get the ball rolling on what you could share.

Monday: Apprenticeships for All!

  • Highlight the inclusivity of apprenticeships for individuals of all ages, sectors, levels, and backgrounds.

- How does our organisation contribute to making apprenticeships inclusive for individuals of all ages, sectors, levels and backgrounds?

- Can we share the success stories of apprentices from diverse sectors and backgrounds within our company?

  • Emphasise the mutual benefits of skill development for both individuals and the economy.

- What specific skills development opportunities have apprentices brought to our organisation, benefiting both individuals and the economy?

  • Share launch day posts from @Apprenticeships to actively engage in the online conversation.

Tuesday: Employer Tuesday

  • Showcase your apprentices and the diverse apprenticeships your organisation offers.
  • Highlight what makes your company an excellent choice by presenting the range of apprenticeship options available.

- What makes our organisation an excellent choice for apprenticeships?

- Are there any unique benefits or support systems we offer to apprentices that set us apart?

  • Encourage the promotion of apprenticeship vacancies online through Recruit an Apprentice.

Wednesday: Apprentice Wednesday

  • Encourage your apprentices to share their stories and journeys. Share their stories on your social media platforms.
  • Showcase the possibilities achievable through apprenticeships.

- What achievements and milestones have our apprentices reached through their apprenticeships?

- Are there specific examples of apprentices who have made a significant impact on our organisation?

  • Provide apprentices with a platform to shine.

Thursday: T-Level Thursday

  • Showcase T Levels as high-quality qualifications.
  • What successes have we witnessed or experienced in integrating T Levels into our apprenticeship programmes?
  • Celebrate T Level success through the experiences of employers, training providers, parents, and students.

- Can we share stories from employers, training providers, parents, and students about the positive impact of T Levels?

  • Raise awareness of other skills programs like Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs), Skills Bootcamps, or Multiply.
  • Use #NAW2024 and #TLevelThursday.

Friday: Celebration Friday

  • Spotlight talent, success, and accomplishments stemming from your apprenticeships.

- What talent, success, and remarkable accomplishments can we spotlight from our apprenticeship programs?

- Can we organise a graduation or celebration ceremony and share images and videos from the day on social media?

- What specific examples can we provide that illustrate how apprenticeships help change lives and offer opportunities for success?

  • Emphasise the importance of apprenticeships to parents, caregivers, apprentices, and the community.

Saturday & Sunday: The NAW Weekender

  • Summarise and share your NAW 2024 experience on all social media platforms.
  • Explore and participate in weekend events.

Resources for #NAW2024:

Careermap Media Groups National Apprenticeship Week Resource Hub

  • Blogs & Articles for & about National Apprenticeship Week.
  • Information about events and webinars planned during National Apprenticeship Week.


Amazing Apprenticeships NAW site:

  • Free resource bundles available to download for various industries.
  • Media on explaining National Apprenticeship Week.
  • Apprenticeship themed games to play with your apprentices.


Government Apprenticeships NAW site:

  • Toolkits with free resources and ideas on how to get involved.
  • Explore the interactive Event Calendar to find or add events.
  • Download media graphics to use on social media.


Engagement matters — get involved!

We hope this guide has been useful for you to understand the themes of this years' National Apprenticeship Week and has sparked some creativity for ideas on getting involved in-person and via social media.

We look forward to seeing you join the conversation!