Create digital logbooks to capture on-the-job learning progress using smartphones not spreadsheets..

Dashboard showing the overall learner progress and the task progress through the use of chartsA dashboard showing the list of learners in an organisation alongside a progress bar showing learner progress

Turn chaos into

You can trust Conveya’s digital logbooks to increase visibility and effectiveness of your workplace learning program while enhancing the employee experience.

Digitise evidence

Our logbooks provide you with the ability to digitise the recording of workplace evidence. All evidence can be electronically approved or rejected by a supervisor.

Get exactly what you need

You can customise what is being tracked including, dates, hours spent on tasks, events, certificates completes etc.

Tailored to how you operate

Dashboards display all data and can highlight those who are following behind with their compliance requirements.


Go from paper to pixels and increase efficiency

Logbooks have traditionally been a paper document completed by learners throughout their early careers rotations. The hardest thing about that is that it's near impossible to keep an up-to-date and easily read record on file for the learner or the organisation. Enter Conveya's digital logbooks.

Set-up and configure logbooks

Track your employees' 'On The Job' learning, with the ability to review their progress through interactive dashboards.​​

Employees can log their own learning and upload evidence to support their training.

Capture Data

All training is verified by the employees’ supervisors to ensure the work carried out is correct and validated.

Track, analyse & reward results

Through real-time tracking employers can identify training gaps and the need for any additional employee support. Use badges to award and recognise learner progress as milestones are hit!

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