Your training provider progress reports, standardised and shown in easy-to-read dashboards in the cloud.

Dashboard showing the performance of multiple training providers. Provider alerts highlight high and low performing learners, learners suspended and absences.Dashboard summarising the status of learners on an apprenticeship, graduate scheme or internship. A chart displays the active learners, leavers and learners pending enrolment

All-in-one training provider reporting

If you work with multiple external training providers, reporting can be time-sapping and inconsistent. This increases the risk of important data, updates and progress reports being lost or missed. Our Report training provider tool negates this risk and improves reporting efficiency.

Stay in the know

One source of truth for all provider reports allows you to quickly evaluate employee and training provider performance.

Improve consistency

Provide your training providers with an easier way of reporting data, updates and progress reports. We automate reminders and support your providers throughout the process.

Get the data that matters

Training providers will have the ability to report in real-time on attendance, performance and behaviour.

Case Study: Royal Mail

Learn how the UK's Royal Mail used Conveya Report to streamline and standardise external training provider updates for more effective learner management and clear results.

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Your single source of truth across all your training providers

No more following up providers, compiling spreadsheets and juggling data inconsistencies. Just automated data collection on your learner progress refreshed at the start of every month.

Full control

You can invite internal or external training partners to report directly into Conveya. You have full control over who has access to report into the platform.

Remove ambiguity

Dual dashboards provide you and your training providers with matching views so there can be no confusion around what the data says.

Simplify reporting

Training Partners can provide you with a direct export of their training report by uploading it to our file drop feature. This will update your dashboards in real time.

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